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   Name: Monali Khandagale      

One child, one teacher, one Pen can change the world. - Malala Yousafzai Hello...I, Monali Khandagale associated with Pre-Primary Section of City Pride School, Moshi since 2019.My passion and dedication for teaching motivated me to become the part of CPS family. This crisis has given us an opportunity to usher in a new era of learning - Care, Concern and Compassion. I am fortunate to get this opportunity to unfold my flow of knowledge with innovative techniques which can be easily integrated in the class. As learning is a continuous process, we are focusing towards the concept of Blended Learning, which is the need of the hour. I strongly believe that...Do not work hard but work from heart. It feels exceptionally awesome to work in a very positive, energetic and enthusiastic environment... A big thanks to the mentors and my team of CPS.....Lastly, A good education can change anyone, A good teacher can change everything..... Monali Khandagale

   Name: Sheetal Benkar      

Hi ... This is Sheetal Benkar, Pre primary teacher ... working with City Pride School, Moshi for last one and half years since 2019... The best teachers are those who love to learn! My love and quest for learning led me to a career in education and continues to drive my work today. I am passionate about blending the best aspects of online and offline learning to actively engage students and shift them to the center of learning. I was looking to learn and explore , and am in the right place today ... This is what best describes City Pride School... It really feels so amazing working in such a positive environment...Working with City Pride family is indeed a great opportunity for me... Thank you to the mentors of City Pride School... Sheetal Benkar

   Name: Shwetangna Prakash      

As a teacher, I feel extremely honoured and privileged to write about my school. Yes, I feel very proud being a part of City Pride family. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone but here at City Pride it became a year of innovation, adaptation and learning. Amidst all the confusion and chaos, we rose to the challenge and our senior management paved the way as they showed great vision and insight in the troubled times. As we see the same excitement and anticipation in the young eyes we meet everyday through our laptop, we tend to forget we are separated and not together in the class rooms. The bond has become stronger than ever. We successfully completed our Virtual Intraschool Competitions in December. The energy and enthusiasm that the students and parents showed was infectious. City Pride School has a vision for an overall development of the pupil, elevating a positive culture on the entire teaching learning experience. And virtual school did not deter us from achieving the same. Looking forward to an exciting New Year filled with positivity, warmth, love and class rooms echoing with cheerful laughter of curious kids.

   Name: Mr and Mrs Kolte.      

Dear Management CPS Moshi, We are happy to be a part of City Pride School Moshi and it is the perfect fit for our child. During Covid pandemic, we worried about the academic year of our child but City Pride school has planned an online teaching program so beautifully that we do not have any worry about the academic year now. My son is in First standard Peace division and we are so grateful to have such a well-trained teacher, who cares, supports and provides individual attention toward each child. School management is timely taking feedback from parents, arranging training, seminars for students and their parents which are definitely helping us to groom our child academically as well as his soft skills and personality development.

   Name: Mrs. Dipali Jadhav      

I joined City Pride School as a maths teacher in 2019. It is a wonderful experience to be associated with CPS. I wonder how this one year has gone, as everyday I learned new things. As a result, I completed the new tasks assigned to me and felt very confident about myself. A big thank you to management, co-odinators and co- teachers as well.

   Name: Divyasri Kommareddy      

As a teacher, I feel extremely honored and privileged to write about my school. Joining City Pride School was my dream. Parents have great respect for this reputed institution and proudly say that CPS is the best school. l feel greatly privileged that I am a part of this family. I am blessed that in CPS I surround myself with happy, warm and genuine people and I am very thankful to my seniors, my coordinator and my colleagues to make me a part of the family. It has been a great learning experience through the years. Especially during the epidemic, the management gave us all the tools and training required to teach and ensure, children does not miss the studies. I have been given encouraged by giving additional responsibilities whenever required. It was pleasure celebrating the Children day and Diwali with the children virtually. I wish all children the best for their future.

   Name: Priya Satyanarayan      

"THE BEST TEACHER TEACH FROM THE HEART,NOT FROM THE BOOK".It gives me immense pleasure to write this blog.I joined City Pride School as a Mother teacher in 2019.It is a wonderful experience to be associated with the CPS family.I wonder how this one and half year has passed by as each day had a moment to cherish.I remember the closure meet when it was very difficult for me to control my tears and with a heavy heart I had to say goodbye to my little buddies.I really feel proud of myself that I am working with City Pride School.A big thank you to our Director Madam,Principal Madam,Coordinator Madam and our wonderful team of teachers.